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           Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Sonance was founded by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who introduced the world’s first in-wall loudspeaker system to the consumer-electronics market in 1982. With distribution in over 70 countries, Sonance remains at the forefront of technology by offering innovative design solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading custom integrators, architects, interior- design professionals, and design-conscious clients throughout the world.



          iPort, maker of the first in-wall music system for iPod, provides freedom from the constraints of headphones and miniaturized speaker systems. iPort is the first multiroom audio integration solution for iPod, making it possible to easily share music, videos, and photos throughout a home or commercial setting, and seamlessly integrating iPods and iPhones into virtually any entertainment system.
Patented iPort technology is suitable for a wide range of audio and audio-video system concepts, including highly customizable multiroom and whole-house layouts, multiroom AV receivers, single-room/zone connections, and more.



                    TRUFIG was founded in 2008 by visionary entrepreneurs Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer, founders of Dana Innovations, parent company of Sonance and iPort.
TRUFIG’s revolutionary flush-mounting solutions are designed for aesthetic-conscious architects, designers, and property owners in the residential and commercial markets. The uncompromising refinement TRUFIG provides has made TRUFIG a favorite in the professional Architecture, Design, and Construction communities.
TRUFIG’s philosophy relies on the principles of material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail, and a systematic approach to design. From the selection of the materials, to the precise craftsmanship of each individual element, to the consistency of color and texture, everything we do revolves around an understanding of architecture, detail, and precision.


Induction Dynamics

    Induction Dynamics is part of MSE Audio, one of the industry’s premier providers of speakers for residential and commercial installations.

Induction Dynamics engineers speakers to achieve precise sound in any home theater environment. Our high-end loudspeakers are built with only the most select components and materials, utilizing numerous unique and proven technologies including exclusive, patented S4X Driver-Control Technology and other patents issued or pending. Every product is hand-tuned to exact specifications right here in America. The corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Overland Park, Kansas.


Phase Technology

           Phase Technology is a subsidiary of United Speaker Systems, Inc., an original equipment manufacturer founded in 1955 to produce high-fidelity systems for some of the world’s most respected names in audio. United Speaker Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of MSE Audio GroupTM. based in Overland Park, Kan.
Phase Technology has always been an innovator of tweeter design and was the first US-based manufacturer to use neodymium ferrite boron magnets for tweeter assemblies. Though significantly more expensive to build, this technology continues to provide the highest performance with the lowest distortion that is so vital for accurate playback of today’s CD and DVD music sources.
Phase Technology continues to advance the state of audio reproduction through evolutions in engineering and support for emerging markets with products that are quickly recognized as exemplifying the new standard in sound. Phase Technology’s products are consistently recognized for their superior performance and value.


Solid Drive

   SolidDrive is a patented technology that utilizes very high-power neodymium magnets and dual symmetrically opposed motors to convert audio signals into powerful vibrations that are transferred into solid surfaces by direct contact. High-quality, full-range, hidden sound is then radiated from the entire surface-with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 15 kHz.

The entire surface becomes a speaker delivering high-quality sound with the frequency response of conventional diaphragm speakers. SolidDrive provides a distinct advance for audio systems used in home theater systems, distributed audio, and other high-performance audio applications. SolidDrive works with rigid surfaces that include glass, drywall, granite, metal, wood, ceramics, laminates and composites. Because the SolidDrive utilizes materials already existing in a room, it is ideal for installed home audio, commercial audio, home theater surround systems, or anywhere an invisible sound source is desired.


Westone Music Products

    Westone has been at the forefront of in-ear musicians’ monitoring technology since the early 1990s, developing both custom and universal-fit products. With hearing care and music specialists on our research and production teams, Westone is uniquely qualified to provide the best performing, best fitting, highest quality products. Westone has over fifty years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field of hearing. Westone has been making products for the human ear longer than anyone in the in-ear musician’s monitor marketplace. Having made over ten million custom products for the ear, Westone’s experience and skill are unsurpassed.


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